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A technician that just began wrapping one of automatic fire suppression units

Who We Are

Learn how a small business founded 10 years ago has evolved into a life safety company recognized today around the world.

Our first unit was invented in 2009. Since then, we’ve never stopped manufacturing, inventing, prototyping, and designing one-of-a-kind fire protection systems and units that solve industry challenges and protect valuable assets from fire damage. We are constantly expanding our production capabilities by developing new devices and researching new extinguishing compounds. This focus on innovation has made us one of the most experienced companies in the clean agent fire fire suppression system industry. 

  Photo of expert team engaged in the clean agent fire suppression systems production Our clean agent fire suppression systems production site, view from above

We developed special ZARYA FIRST technology to monitor over 141 parameters and ensure the highest quality of our production. From assembly and clean agent filling time to workers’ names and positions, we store all the information on each unit we produce. 

IFIRES truly cares about its customers. We’re so confident in our systems that we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all product lines.

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