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If the wall is made of plasterboard, will it tear off the mounts if the system is triggered?

Certain requirements must be observed during installation to prevent the module flying away like a rocket when the GFEA is ejected under the vessel pressure:

  • The wall and ceiling must withstand a static load of at least 600 N and a dynamic impulse load of at least 1000 N.
  • The module cannot be installed directly on the drywall sheet.
  • The module should be mounted on a metal frame, or the wall should be reinforced with a metal sheet, also mounted on a metal frame.

The same requirements should be applied to sandwich panels. For detailed consultations on issues related to the design, installation and operation of ZARYA fire suppression system manufactured by IFIRES Inc. contact our team by phone +1 (530) 723-6224 or via the website https://ifiresuppression.com/