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Is there a LRD for lower temperatures?

The module is designed for a minimum temperature of down to minus 10˚С (14˚F) - this is dealt with the physical characteristics of the GFEA.

If we study the properties of halocarbons, it becomes clear that the working pressure of 1.6 MPa is reached at 20° C ( 68˚F). At minus 10 ˚С (14 ˚F), the pressure drops to 1 MPa or less, depending on the halocarbon charged - this is the minimum possible working temperature. If the temperature drops more, the module will not be able to release the entire filled volume of GFEA in less than 10 seconds, and this is a mandatory requirement in accordance with standards.

Detailed information on the technical characteristics of the GFEA and ZARYA modules can be found on our website https://ifiresuppression.com/ and from the company's specialists, who can be contacted by phone +1 (530) 723-6224.