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Distant view on the oil and gas platform in the sea with the beautiful sunset in the background

Oil And Gas Client

Meet deadlines and save time with ZARYA clean agent fire suppression systems installation.


  • 2 Room Types: Lab And Warehouse
  • 18 units Total
  • Last-Minute Deadline
  • Long List of Special Requirements from Client


IFIRES aided this oil and gas client in an emergency situation as they sought to fulfill contractual obligations to their employer. The project deadline was impending at the time we stepped in to help, and equipment had still not been chosen for installation. With mere days to work on the project, we provided fire protection for two laboratories and a warehouse, saving the situation from catastrophe.

The Challenge

Our work for this oil and gas company was complex for the following reasons:

  • High risk of fire in laboratories
  • Water-sensitive goods and equipment prohibiting the use of water-based fire suppression systems
  • Last-minute changes in client preference leading to full redesign of the fire suppression system

Our Solution

The employer’s last-minute cancellation of the client’s original fire suppression system meant that we had to rush the assembly and delivery of our units, redesigning the system according to their requirements and capabilities. 

Implementation and Results

Crisis Management

Because of the near-emergency situation, we expedited our process through dedicated client communication, specially-developed discussion materials, heavy discounting, and consultation to the client.

Project Outcome

With our help, the client finished the project successfully while adhering to the time limits. We provided an outstanding experience to the client thanks to our flexibility and availability in a last-minute situation, as well as our cost-effective and tailored solutions.

We quarterback projects to the finish-line in high stress circumstances for both end clients and contractors. Contact us to see how we can help you manage deadlines and achieve timely outcomes.

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