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Petrochemical Industry Client

Save money and time with ZARYA’s clean agent fire suppression units.


  • 4 Day Assembly
  • 7 Day Delivery
  • 6 Hour Installation


IFIRES combined quick service, high quality, and low prices to meet the needs of petrochemical company, which sought additional fireproofing. We became a trusted contractor by exceeding standards, adhering to tight deadlines, and staying comfortably within budget, proving our expertise, reliability, time management, and affordability.

The Challenge

Our work for this petrochemical industry facility was complex for the following reasons:

  • Preexisting inconsistencies in the installation of fire suspension systems
  • Heavily trafficked rooms with varying day-to-day use—some continuously occupied by company staff
  • Building prohibition of water-based fire suppression systems
  • Minimum timeframe and budget

Our Solution

During the design stage, we analyzed the needed amount of clean agent fire suppression gas for each room, recommending IFIRES -22 as the best solution for rooms measuring 30m² (323 feet2) or less, and Zarya-10 with solenoid valve as the best solution for rooms measuring 14m² (430 feet2) or less.

Both ZARYA-22 and ZARYA-10 with solenoid valve are state-of-the-art, easy to install units, which can be mounted on walls or ceilings. Each unit has a thermal lock, allowing it to activate independently of fire alarms, which can be switched off or damaged. 

Implementation and Results

Cost Savings

Our initial discussions with the client focused on education around the advantages of clean agent fire suppression units versus fire suppression pipelines to address the requirements of their situation. We provided comprehensive cost analysis in our review of pipeline design and assembly, installation timelines, reconstruction and repair expenses, materials waste and burden of disposal, and partial closures of facility space leading to reduction in staff access and productivity. Together, we agreed on clean agent fire suppression units as the more effective and easy-to-install solution, leading to substantial savings for the client.

Time Savings

Despite a tight schedule, IFIRES expertly coordinated assembly, delivery, and installation within the given timeframe. We assembled our units in 4 days, delivered them ready-to-install to the client within 7 days, and completed installation in 6 hours. We saved the client at least a month overall and equipped their rooms with reliable autonomous fire suppression systems in less than one working day.

Project Outcome

IFIRES added immense value to this client’s project, leading to a close and long-term professional relationship. We are currently processing our third shipment of clean agent fire suppression units to the petrochemical facility and in talks for a follow-up project. We pride ourselves on being the only systems provider to so effectively protect individual lives and valuable working equipment while substantially reducing both financial and time costs.

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