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Perspective view on the rails in the countryside; a freight train comes with the dense smog

Railroad Company Client

Discover why ZARYA products are the best fireproofing solution for extreme environments.


  • -49 oF Extreme Temperatures
  • Non-standard Installation Space
  • Remote Destination


ZARYA provided delivery and installation of clean agent fire suppression systems to the client, located in distant northern environments. By negotiating complex logistic demands, we stayed within budget and delivery costs while still maintaining high standards in the unique context of mobile railroad units.

The Challenge

Our work for this railroad company was complex for the following reasons:

  • Low temperatures and extreme environmental conditions during item transport
  • Cargo density within the railroad units and lack of free space
  • Exorbitant expense inherent in delivery to remote locales
  • Unheated installation premises 
  • Conservative budget

Our Solution

Our ZARYA-22 compact clean agent fire suppression units are ideal for cargo-bearing railway cars, as they can be mounted to walls or ceilings, leaving the usable space free. Additionally, no structural reconfiguration or repair was needed during the installation.

Complete fire protection required ten units, each containing approximately 41 lbs. of —an affordable gas that is capable of withstanding any fire intensity and that is harmless for high-priced equipment and valued archives. We divided these units among the rooms, with two spares.

Implementation and Results

Environmental Considerations

Though pipeline-based clean agent fire suppression systems are the customary approach, our client’s constrained spaces raised unique challenges. We addressed these through installation of unit-based systems, each requiring 30 minutes of effort from two technicians working in tandem. The ZARYA-22 units also withstand low temperatures, which allowed us to transport them in unheated and low-heated wagons without compromising the product’s installation or operation. 

Cost Savings

IFIRES reduced delivery expenses to an amount previously declared impossible by the client by shipping only 10 items weighing 70 lbs. each, instead of the 30 items with even greater weights that would need to be shipped for a pipeline-based system. In addition, we used the most cost-effective solution in today’s market of clean agent fire suppression systems with our standard compression of 80 lbs. of gas agent into two units.

Project Outcome

IFIRES found the ideal means to bring this client’s project to successful completion, and we have continued to provide support services. We are now planning further modernizations to their railroad stations with our reliable and cost-effective units and will mount new units in permanent facilities.

We work with clients in many unique situations. If your project requires specific considerations, such as maximizing usable space, contact us today to see how our experts can find effective solutions for you.

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