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Research Archives Client

Put your faith in IFIRES to withstand and challenge on your behalf


  • Beat out three competitors
  • Executed lightning-speed delivery
  • Overcame hopeless logistical obstacles


Our clients often approach us with complex tasks, but occasionally, these requests appear insurmountable. Our work for the client involved a heavy burden of client education, an unforgiving timeline, and nearly impossible execution. This case provides illuminating insights into how we manage such tasks.

The Challenge

Our work for this research archives institute was complex for the following reasons:

  • An unrealistic timeline from the outset
  • Direct and extended bidding against three other competitors
  • Opaque and ambiguous contractor and client-side delays
  • High quality and affordability with minimal budget

Our Solution

The client needed two archives fireproofed: one that was about 49,000 ft3 and another that was about 31,000 ft3. We entered bidding negotiations against three competitors, which revolved around our main selling points, including our various unit colors and models, adjustable temperature settings for autonomous unit activation, product lifespan ranging between 10 and 30 years depending on componentry, reusability up to 10 times, and free and easy installation.

We suggested our gas because it is the recommended clean agent for archives, server rooms, and other technical areas. It extinguishes fire quickly without damage to documents, equipment, doors, or windows.

Implementation and Results

Crisis Management

The client is located in the far north, and delivery logistics proved to nearly ruin the entire operation. Once we were signed to the project near the end of autumn, we became aware of widespread land transportation closures to that region in winter. Our last chance was mere days out, and we hadn’t even manufactured the units yet. Other transportation options were not feasible, as pressurized receptacles are prohibited via air, and shipment via ice-breaker would easily obliterate the deadline, since it required two months of wait time. Though we inherited the imperfect planning from our client upon hiring, it was up to us to manage the error.

In light of the time constraints, we introduced a temporary extra shift at our manufacturing plant, where our technicians and quality experts produced impeccable results in a heavily abbreviated timeframe, while still avoiding manufacturing defects. With our reputation on the line, we executed delivery with a contracted forwarder. Unfortunately, the contractor did not heed our instructions to transport the cargo only in insulated containers, and a significant drop in temperature during shipping resulted in damaged units. Without delay, we instituted a rescue plan and sent a second shipment at our own expense, which miraculously reached the client in time.

Project Outcome

The best award we can receive is client appreciation. Despite the high complexity and multiple crises that occurred during this project, we managed to keep the client happy with our services and equipment. We met the deadline, and those we worked with appreciated our readiness to contribute beyond what was stated in the contract. From beginning to end, we solved matters we were not obliged to solve, because we believe unfettered support is the only acceptable way to serve clients and advance their business. 

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