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Wide shot on the lighted cooling towers of a power station on a river bank at twilight

Turbine Power Station Client

Our technicians make installation a simple and straightforward affair.


IFIRES fireproofed three block containers at a turbine power station, achieving significant savings in the process.

Our Solution

We recommended the client use our 48.5 lb. units with HFC-227ea clean fire suppressant, to allow for a smaller purchase than the alternative. Our appraisal was based on container dimensions of 25.26 х 6.23 х 7.55 ft, giving an approximate volume of 1200 cubic feet per container.

Implementation and Results

Cost Savings

Because one ZARYA unit was sufficient for each container, clean agent fire suppression was the most cost-effective option. We also achieved significant savings through targeted specification, since only two types of brackets and bolts were needed.

Simple Installation

ZARYA units are always supplied fully assembled, and are easily installed by a technician. The technician mounts the bracket to a wall or ceiling, attaches the bolt, and plugs in the four wires to an automatic fire alarm system, all in minimal time.

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