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ZARYA-10 with solenoid valve

 Specifications of the ZARYA unit
Cylinder volume, gal: 2.64 ±0.13
Operating pressure, at ambient temperature 20±2°С, Psi: 232,06 
Minimum operating pressure, Psi: 145,04
Test pressure, Psi: 797,71
Inside diameter of theshut-off valve, in: 0.7086
Response time delay (from the moment the starting impulse is applied) sec, not more: 2
Discharge time at temperature 20±2°С, sec, not more: 10
Membrane burst pressure , Psi: 725±72.50
Rest of gas fire extinguishing agents after discharge No
Length of unit, in, not more 27.55 27,55
Quantity of actuations, times, not less 10
Specifications of the electrical circuit of the electric-contact pressure gage
Direct current voltage, V from 4.5 up to 24
Amperage, А  from 0.005 up to 0.1 

Maximum capacity, W 



Type of startup of unit
Automatic start

occurs when an electric triggering pulse is supplied to the coil of solenoid valve when the sensor of the general fire  suppression system is triggered;

Manual start

occurs when an electric triggering pulse is supplied to the coil of solenoid valve from the starting device by pressing the alarm button of the manual start.

Overal dimentions
Height, in: 15.55
Weight (without gas fire extinguishing agents), lb, not more 22.71
Diameter, in: 12.20
Maximum filling of unit with gas fire extinguishing agents
HFC-227ea 24,25 lb
FK-5-1-12 26,46 lb
Specifications of fire extinguishing agents
Designation of gas fire extinguishing agents Chemical designation (formula) of gas fire extinguishing agents Symbolic designation

Heptafluoropropane          (CF3CHFCF3)







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