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Building construction plan used for fire suppression system design

Providing Clean Agent fire suppression systems Design for Challenging Applications Worldwide

With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, IFIRES has the talent and expertise to provide you with the best clean agent fire suppression system design solutions!

IFIRES Inc. has been providing clean agent fire suppression systems design for over 10 years. Our fire suppression services include a full range of life safety systems from the country’s leading industry manufacturer.

We have an in-house engineering department made up of professionals who are highly-knowledgeable on all industry standards and fully aware of local fire suppression system limitations. In order to provide detailed drawings and the most efficient solutions for your property, some specific data must be collected: 

  • Facility address
  • Design features and property dimensions
  • Explosion group and fire class category
  • Number of facilities available for staff
  • Property’s HVAC system features

Please note that the effectiveness of your clean agent fire suppression systems design completely depends on the data above. The more accurate the information you provide to us, the more solid and reliable system we’ll be able to implement. At ZARYA, we’re passionate about creating designs that will best suit your needs and budget.

Turn to Our Clean Agent fire suppression Company for an Outstanding Design

A proper fire suppression design allows us to learn all the nuances of your facility and develop the best solution to protect people's lives and assets from fire damage. Clean agent fire suppression systems are complex systems used to deal with class A, B, and C fires. These systems are made of cylinders with fire suppression agents, smoke detectors, control panels, and notification devices and can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. The quantity and size of each element of a system is calculated by designers in accordance with the methods and rules established by respective city or state laws. 

After our fire suppression company gets all the necessary information from a client, we begin creating a design of gas clean agent fire suppression systems. The work is divided into three stages.

Stage I. Assessment of the property in order to clarify customer needs.

Stage II. Analysis of the collected data to perform the necessary calculations.

Stage III. Approval and preparation of project’s documentation in accordance with applicable standards in client’s city/state.

After completing all the stages of design development, we move to the production and installation of your system.

IFIRES production site where the fire suppression system design turns into reality

The Benefits of Clean Agent fire suppression systems Design

Clean agent fire suppression systems design provides a fast, safe, clean, and eco-friendly way to deal with fires of any complexity. Clean agent fire fire suppression system is stored as a liquid that vaporizes when discharged. The key benefit of clean agent fire suppression systems is that they protect the entire room, discharging the agent under tables, in cabinets or boxes, and everywhere else. Most systems can reach extinguishing concentration levels in 10 seconds or less. 

Fast detection is a critical advantage of this type of system, which activates during the fire’s infancy to extinguish it instead of just control it. Typically, clean agent fire suppression systems design is used to protect valuable assets like:

  • Server rooms
  • Medical equipment
  • Flammable liquid storage
  • Cultural assets
  • Telecommunications systems

How Much Do Clean Agent fire suppression Systems Actually Cost?

To learn more about our clean agent fire suppression systems cost, stop searching for “fire suppression companies near me,” and call or email one of our specialists, or fill out the application form. We’re happy to answer all of your questions and discuss upgrading your current fire protection system. Our attentive, well-qualified professionals will assist you in choosing all system components and making the right decision. We’ll even send you an estimate of your clean agent fire suppression systems cost within ten minutes, so you can learn how we will protect your valuable assets and save you money.


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