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ZARYA units with the fire suppression gas, ready for shut-off valve installation

Сlean Agent Fire Suppression Services by IFIRES

IFIRES is a supplier of highly-effective, innovative clean agent fire suppression systems. Our goal is to provide advanced technical solutions to keep you and your valuable assets safe.

Our team specializes in providing excellent clean agent fire suppression systems. We have an extensive track record, helping many major businesses protect their high-end assets through technical excellence. We promise to design and supply the best clean agent fire suppression systems for your business by integrating your custom requirements and those of your building fire code. We ensure that all our services use the most productive, cost-effective approach.

We Use the Best Clean Agents In The Industry

With ZARYA clean agent fire suppression systems, you can count on speed and efficiency. Unlike outdated water-based systems, our clean agent fire suppression systems are designed to protect people and structures by the total elimination of all fire sources. We use only the most effective clean agents in the industry: HFC-227EA  and FК-5-1-12. 

Fire sprinkler systems can cause more harm than the fire itself, destroying high-value machinery, computers, and other electronic equipment, due to water damage. Clean agents are non-conductive and leave no residue on furniture or walls. Our systems are the superior, cost-effective choice for protecting electronics and high-value assets, reducing the threat of office shutdown and business interruption. 

Because of the numerous options on the market, including various industrial clean agent fire suppression systems and commercial clean agent fire suppression systems, finding the ideal solution to protect your facility from fire hazards can prove overwhelming. We offer the ideal clean agent fire suppression systems for all types of properties, as well as all your irreplaceable assets, and can guide you to the solution that fits you best.

Our expert is examining the unit designed for commercial fire suppression systems

Our Clean Agent Fire Suppression System Contractors

Our contractors are pros at designing, installing, inspecting, and servicing clean agent fire suppression systems. For more than 50 years, clean agents have been used to protect valuables that are susceptible to the damaging effects of water-based fire suppression systems. Clean agent fire suppression systems are a game-changer when it comes to stopping fires without damaging your high-value assets, electronic equipment, and irreplaceable items. Our clean agent fire suppression system contractors provide fire protection and safety equipment for your job sites, facilities, and project specifications.

Clean agent fire suppression systems are most commonly installed in data centers, archives, libraries, bank vaults, server rooms, museums, and other facilities that contain valuable assets and equipment that can be damaged not only by fire, but also by water or fire extinguisher powder and residue in the process of putting out the fire. Firefighting with the use of clean agent gases not only takes property damage out of the equation, but it also offers the following advantages: 

  • Quick, successful fire extinguishing
  • Some gases (for example, HFC-227EA) can be safely used in the workplace
  • Work can be continued right after all the rooms are properly aired
  • Clean agent gases are chemically inert (meaning they are odorless, colorless, and non-conductive)
  • Their ozone depletion potential equals 0 

Find Out How Much Our Сlean Agent Fire Suppression Systems Cost

Our mission is to protect what matters to you; property, people, and valuable assets. ZARYA units are safety-focused and optimized to ensure that our clean agent fire suppression systems cost less than competitors’. 

Specific costs are structured according to a variety of factors that we will consider in conversation with you about your needs. Please fill out the form on our website, and our attentive staff will help you choose all system components and make the right decision. We’re passionate about protecting your property and saving you money.


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Modern fire safety systems help prevent the devastating effects of fire. They are sets of technical devices capable of eliminating or limiting dangerous fire factors that damage property and human health.

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