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Why Install a Fire Suppression System In An Archive?

Archives are rooms or entities used for storing data and inventory in the form of:

  • Paper documents, drawings, schemas, etc 
  • Films with movies or images
  • Compact discs

These materials all have one thing in common; they are all flammable and can easily combust. And due to their close proximity and high storage density, flame spreads rapidly between shelves, posing a serious danger to company archives. 

That is why a proper fire suppression system is critical to protect these archives.

The choice of automatic fire suppression systems usually depends on the information carrier type. Water and foam can wash away ink and paint, while the paper itself can be destroyed. Meanwhile, films’ polymer materials are highly sensitive to chemical reactions that occur during powder fire suppression. 

With so many downsides to water and chemical fire suppression systems, gaseous suppression systems are the perfect choice to protect archives. That’s because gaseous suppression systems:

  • Don’t cause damage for paper and other archive materials
  • Are relatively safe for people
  • Spread evenly throughout the room, including hard-to-reach areas
  • Are easily removed from the space by ventilation or airing

Automatic Fire Suppression Systems Ensure Safety For Archive Materials And Personnel 

Automatic fire suppression systems in archives can be built-in or modular. The latter is more common, especially for entities that rent space without a proper centralized fire suppression system. 

The timely, automatic actuation of a gaseous fire suppression system mitigates the risk of damage to paper and other material assets and, assuming the proper evacuation of personnel, is harmless to human health. 

The operation of gaseous fire suppression systems occur in several stages:

  • Once a fire is detected, the system is activated and both visual and audible alerts are automatically triggered.
  • Evacuation starts. 
  • The extinguishing control panel automatically seals off ventilation and extractor holes.
  • A signal is sent from the extinguishing control panel to the actuation unit, and the clean agent is released. 
  • After only 10 seconds, the gas permeates all corners of the room and the fire is suppressed.

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