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Instant Fire Suppression For Battery Rooms

A fire in the battery room can cause an explosion and dangerous spread of caustic substances. Rapid fire localization and suppression are key to efficiently protecting your battery room from fire, and our modern gaseous suppression system helps you do just that.  

After only 10 seconds, our clean agent fire suppression gas fills the volume of any space, isolating, containing and extinguishing fires. Our systems feature cutting-edge detection and early warning technology, so that staff are immediately notified of fires and can be evacuated safely and efficiently.

Unlike other water and powder-based fire suppression systems, gaseous industrial fire suppression systems cause no damage to nearby equipment or sensitive electronics after system actuation. And, once the system has been activated, cleanup consists simply of ventilating the affected area.

Protecting Your Technology For Life

IFIRES delivers tailored, custom solutions that include design, installation, flexible servicing and more for our clients. With minimum maintenance, low upkeep and a lifetime warranty on all gaseous fire suppression systems, you can be sure all of your assets will be protected from fires for years to come.

Our gas fire suppression system is the perfect choice for your battery room protection against the dangers of fire. Call our support team for a free, custom project quote today!

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