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Efficient Fire Suppression Systems For Data Centers

Gas fire suppression systems are the optimal choice to protect your data centers from fire.

Data centers need automatic fire suppression systems to effectively extinguish fires quickly while preserving the electronic appliances in the data centers. 

While water and foam-based systems may put fires out, the consequent damage they cause to nearby electronic appliances can be devastating. Equipment is damaged, infrastructure is ruined, and data is lost. 

Powder-based systems also pose similar threats to data centers. When the powder is released to combat fires, this powder also gets into cracks and crevices of electronic equipment, causing crippling damage. These powder agents can also start chemical reactions with the appliance’s metal surface and other materials, necessitating their immediate removal and proper cleaning once the fires are out. 

But for data centers with thousands of pounds of complex equipment and connections, quickly cleaning these appliances is simply not possible.

How Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems Meet the Challenges

Gaseous fire suppression systems are the ideal solution that enables rapid-fire containment and extinguishment without posing a danger to nearby electronics. Using data center fire suppression systems also doesn’t require cleaning after system actuation. Simply ventilating the space is enough to properly clear up any leftover fire suppression gas residue. 

IFIRES Inc. specializes in designing, manufacturing, installing, and servicing gaseous fire suppression systems at the best rates on the market. Our solutions are extremely flexible and customizable, as our gaseous suppression systems can be installed even in buildings without a separate room to store the fire suppression gas. 

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