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Fire Suppression For a Diesel Generator Station Without Consequent Damage

Our gaseous suppression system is the perfect solution to protect diesel generator rooms against fire damage and system actuation. Ultra-efficient and highly effective, the suppression gases easily penetrate even the most hard-to-reach areas to quickly neutralize fires.

According to the safety regulations, all diesel generator equipment must be covered with an outer protective box. In the event of a fire, this outer protective box poses a serious obstacle, preventing water and powder from reaching the flames. This means the effectiveness of water and chemical fire suppression systems are severely limited when it comes to diesel generator equipment, and that extensive damage is much more likely.

Unlike water or powder agents, fire suppression gas can easily access the cause of the fire and extinguish it, no matter where it is. 

Additionally, unlike water and chemical-based suppression technologies, engine room fire suppression systems ensures the preservation of equipment and wiring outside the fire’s path because fire suppression gases are harmless to electrical appliances and fragile materials. Cleanup is simple as well; all that’s needed to clean up gas residue is proper ventilation. 

Choosing our system for fire suppression lets you rest easy, as you can be sure the fire will be quickly and efficiently extinguished, and that all of your equipment outside the fire’s path will be safely preserved. 

Innovations Provider Among Fire Suppression Systems Manufacturers

As a trusted manufacturer of gas fire suppression systems, IFIRES has years of experience designing, installing, and servicing a wide variety of units. With superb quality, low maintenance costs and a lifetime warranty on all of our units, this is an investment that will protect your assets for years to come.

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