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Effective Gaseous Fire Suppression For Libraries

Libraries face a unique set of challenges in addressing fire risks due to their large collection of flammable assets. Our gas fire suppression systems are the perfect solution to address these needs because:

  • Fires spread rapidly in libraries. Books, magazines, and newspapers ignite at roughly 480-840 oF (the exact temperature depends on the paper and impregnation types), which, as far as fires go, is a relatively low temperature. Our fire suppressions act to stop fires quickly, before they reach damaging temperatures.
  • Paper assets are obviously one of the most fire-susceptible assets in existence, and even brief exposure to these moderate temperatures can easily damage or irrevocably destroy these assets. Our fire suppression agent needs only 10 seconds to spread throughout the entire room, minimizing the number of assets exposed to damage.
  • Unlike water and chemical-based systems that inflict irreparable damage to paper, our automatic gaseous fire suppression systems utilize ozone-friendly gas suppression agents (HFC-227ea and FK-5-1-12) that ensure a high preservation rate of books and other paper materials. 

Gas Fire Suppression System Benefits For Libraries

Our gaseous suppression system help libraries mitigate damage and ensure maximum safety by:

  • Enabling quick evacuation
  • Rapidly suppressing fire in every area of the library
  • Preserving material assets
  • Causing minimal damage to assets in the fire suppression process
  • Leaving no lasting environmental impact
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