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Museum Fire Suppression: A Combination Of Efficiency And Safety

Museums are a complex system of halls, hallways, and utility rooms, and oftentimes occupy several floors at a time. Fire suppression equipment in a museum has to be both highly efficient to ensure visitor safety, and highly effective to preserve the museum’s collections. 

Our cutting-edge gaseous fire suppression is perfect to address the complex fire suppression needs of museums because:

  • Unlike water, fire suppression gases are not harmful to delicate, precious museum items. In the case of system actuation- paper, wood, fabric, leather, and other materials remain undamaged and clean. 
  • Fire suppression gases rapidly spread throughout the entire area and penetrate even hard-to-reach areas. As a result, fires are isolated and suppressed quickly. 
  • Our systems utilize eco-friendly gases that are safe for short-term human exposure.
  • Gas byproducts are eliminated simply through ventilation; no waste is produced and no extensive cleanup is required.

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Gas fire suppression systems are a perfect way for museums to combat the risks of fires. Our automatic gaseous fire suppression systems are custom-built based on the building design and the client’s needs. 

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