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Benefits Of Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems For Server Rooms

Nowadays, small server rooms contain vast archives of paper documents and other flammable items. As a storage hub for documentation, reports, letters, and other data, such space needs reliable protection, which makes safe automatic fire suppression systems a must for server rooms.

The benefits of including gaseous fire suppression systems in server and computer rooms include:

  • The use of fire suppression gases reduces the risk of damage to electronic appliances and improves staff evacuation times.
  • The byproducts of gaseous fire suppression systems are easy to remove with proper ventilation and airflow.
  • Fire suppression gasses successfully permeate the entire volume of a server room in less than 10 seconds, leading to substantially higher equipment and data-preservation rates.

Fire damage and consequent losses pose an extreme risk to business server rooms and data centers alike, and the loss of these valuable assets to fire can easily result in suspending business operations or, even worse: bankruptcy.

The potential losses from fire damage make installing fire suppression systems for server rooms an investment that data-rich businesses simply can’t afford to skip. However, fire-proofing these rooms is often not in a company’s budget, and a company’s data, the heart of a company’s digital assets, many times goes unprotected.

Creating a Gaseous Fire Suppression Project For Server Rooms 

When designing a gas fire suppression system for server rooms, we take into account the most common causes of fires:

  • Outdated, defective, or non-conforming electrical wiring- which is the #1 cause of fires.
  • Energy-intensive operations that lead to overheating and/or failure of the electronics that result in combustion.
  • Human error. 

With fires, timing is everything. Effective fire suppression systems involve immediate fire detection, instant system actuation and seamless personnel warning. Our gaseous fire suppression systems for server rooms include parts  that enable automatic system detection and alarms. 

Containing fire and preventing spread is crucial to preserving electronics and data, and a high release capacity of fire suppression gas (10 seconds for our units) enables these systems to isolate fires in their original location and better preserve company electronics and data. 

A safe, gaseous system is the perfect choice for a company's small server room fire suppression needs. Not only does it secure company electronics/data and protect lives, but it mitigates the risk of equipment damage, repairs and cleanup that water and powder-based systems often inflict.

Server Room Fire Suppression Gas Systems’ Cost

Apart from meeting all the requirements set for gaseous suppression systems in server rooms, our units don’t require the high upkeep and maintenance that water and powder-based systems do. This means our units are highly cost-efficient in the long-term, and most companies will benefit substantially from the low attention they require.

For a free cost estimation, get in touch with our helpful support team by phone, or use the Cost Estimation Service on our website. Choose a more convenient and efficient system for your server room fire suppression needs, and tell us about your project today! 

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