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What Are the Key Factors For a Warehouse Fire Suppression System?

A warehouse fire suppression system should be designed and installed in a way that ensures the preservation of the warehouse equipment and inventory along with the safety of the warehouse personnel. 

Gas fire suppression system are the perfect solution to protect warehouses from fire because:

  • They’re highly efficient
  • Fire suppression gases quickly permeate the area, even hard-to-reach areas
  • Provide nearly 100% preservation of the goods and assets inside the warehouse
  • The byproducts of system discharge are easily removed through adequate ventilation 

The main goals of clean agent fire suppression systems are to minimize waste and mitigate damage, and our gaseous suppression system is specifically designed to do exactly that.

Not only does our suppression system meet these requirements, but it’s one of the most cost-effective and safest solutions on the market. Fire suppression gas is harmless to electronics, paper, package, finishing, building materials, and many more common warehouse materials.

A gaseous fire suppression system guarantees the near 100% preservation of the goods and assets inside the warehouse. 

Automatic Fire Suppression Specificity For Warehouses 

While the perfect moment to embed the automatic fire suppression system is during the building design stage, we also install systems in finished buildings as well. For already-finished buildings we take into account various construction parameters such as constructive, technological, and floor-plate peculiarities of the space. 

Apart from the building parameters, we evaluate the following risk factors such as:

  • Improper wiring and lighting at the upper level of the warehouse, areas that many fire suppression systems can’t successfully protect.
  • Human error and technological hazards that cause fires in hard-to-reach areas such as narrow passages between shelves. 
  • The bi-directional spread of fire; both horizontally on the floor and vertically to the entire height of the shelves. 

Our automatic fire suppression systems ensure a fast and even spread of the extinguishing agent over the entire space of the warehouse.

Fire Suppression Challenges For a High-Bay Warehouse 

Let us walk you through the unique challenges and fire suppression characteristics for a high-bay warehouse: 

  • The fast spread of the fire both horizontally and vertically
  • Much higher density of the goods per unit area
  • Fires have more opportunity to spread in warehouses, as they’re usually spacious areas
  • Many interconnected electrical appliances that maintain the warehouse operation
  • The constant presence of personnel at the warehouse

As compared with an open warehouse, fire localization and suppression at a high-bay warehouse is more complicated. Luckily, gaseous fire suppression systems address every one of these challenges to provide high-bay warehouses with effective fire suppression.

IFIRES offers a variety of fire suppression solutions, including gaseous suppression systems for warehouses. Call us for a free quote and to hear about custom fire suppression systems for your warehouse today! 

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